Beta Quick Start Guide

Hey there Aro beta testers! We cannot thank you enough for your early support of Aro and for providing feedback that will make the entire Aro experience easy and rewarding for the whole community. Here are a few steps and tips to get you up and running.

1. Included with your Aro

  • The Aro smart box
  • Power Cord (power cords for beta units are black but production will be white)
  • Lightning charging cables (pre-installed inside the box)
  • Pre-paid return label - if your Aro was shipped to you, please keep the packaging for the return trip. We can arrange for UPS to pick it up, or you can drop it at your nearest UPS location. 

2. Setting up the box

Your Aro smart box can live anywhere in your home as long as it's close to an outlet. We have found that high-traffic and visible areas like kitchens, foyers, or family rooms are most popular because Aro becomes that visual cue to put down your phone. It's totally up to you, and feel free to try multiple locations to see what works best. 

Once you've found a spot, plug in the box. You will hear a piano sound and see blinking lights indicating the box is on.

That's all you need to do. Now it's time to install the app.

3. Installing the app

The Aro app is available through an app called TestFlight during the beta period. We are approved in the Apple App Store, but using TestFlight lets us quickly push new features and fix issues while we are testing. 

Here is the link to install the app. 

Check out the video for step-by-step for installing TestFlight and the Aro app. 


4. Connecting your phone to Aro smart box

Aro was designed to be frictionless. There is no pairing or tapping anything on your phone in order to start tracking time away. Your phone does not need to be charging, either wirelessly or plugged in, for Aro to track your time. Just drop your phone in and go. 

Once you have the app installed and the smart box plugged in, simply drop your phone in the box. You will hear a gentle piano sound letting you know you have started an Aro "session". That means Aro is now tracking and giving you credit for this time away. Up to 5 phones can connect to the Aro box at one time. 

When you are ready to come back to your phone, grab it out of the box and you will hear a piano sound and receive a notification confirming your Aro session is complete. 

5. Navigating the app



Session History

This section of the app displays aggregated Aro statistics based on your use over the last year, month, and day. The views in this section are placeholders for future stats, charts, and data based on your Aro time and the aggregated Aro time of the entire community. 



Putting your phone down is way easier when those around you do it. Aro Groups allows you to connect and compete with friends and family and make Aro time a fun game.


  1. Create your group - Groups can be made up of people within your household and/or friends you want to share your Aro experience with. Create your group and give it a name.
  2. Invite others - During the beta, anyone you invite to the group will need to install the Aro app using the same process outlined above. 
  3. Once your invitee has installed the Aro app, they can navigate to the Groups section, click the menu in the top right, and select "Enter Invite Code". The group invitation is case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as it is shown.
  4. As the Group owner, you can manage the details of your group, including adding and removing members.

Here is a breakdown of the Aro data visible to the entire group. 




6. Tagging sessions

One of the most used features of Aro is tagging your sessions to indicate what you did with your intentional time away from your phone.

When you receive the notification confirming your session has ended, tap it to open the app and you are prompted to select a tag. Choose from the pre-defined list or enter a custom description of your activities. 

Every Monday morning you will receive an email with a summary of your weekly Aro stats and activities. Be sure to tag your sessions to get an accurate report of how you spent your time.

7. Using Aro while you sleep

Over two-thirds of the Aro community uses Aro while they sleep. Aro tracks those sessions as "Overnight Sessions" or "Overnights". As mentioned above, overnight time is not included in your daily goal or the visual that shows progress to your daily goal. Overnight time is tracked separately.

Overnight sessions are automatically tagged as "Sleeping" and indicated with a moon icon on the session. You can edit the session if the Aro app did not correctly tag a session as an overnight or incorrectly tag a session as an overnight so your data is displayed correctly. 


8. Charging 

The beta version of the Aro smart box can charge 4 phones (1 wirelessly and 3 via lightning cables). The production version of Aro will charge 5 phones (1 wirelessly and 4 via lightning cables). 

9. Troubleshooting

Please report any issues to We will get back to you right away with a resolution or to ask more questions about replicating the issue. Even if you are able to resolve the issue on your own, please report it to our team so we have a timestamp and can research the cause.  

A few common ways to resolve connectivity issues:

  1. Hard closing the App - Swiping up to close the app and reopening can sometimes resolve issues with connecting to the box.
  2. Restating the smart box - Unplug the box for 15 seconds and plug it back in. 
  3. Confirming Bluetooth is enabled
    1. On your phone, select Settings ->Scroll down and select the Aro app -> Enable Bluetooth. 
  4. Confirming Location Services are set to "Always" for the Aro app
    1. On your phone, select Settings ->Scroll down and select the Aro app -> Select Location -> Select Always