Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my activation code?

An activation code was sent to the email address used to purchase your Aro membership. Your Aro account will automatically authenticate if you register with the email address you purchased with. If you are using a different email address and can't find the code, email us at and we will get it to you ASAP. 

Will I still get calls, texts, and notifications when my phone is in Aro?

Yes. Aro does not disable any of your phone's functionality. You will still hear it ring or vibrate. We like to say your phone is out of sight but not out of service.

Does the Aro membership cover my entire family?

Yes. We are all about helping families connect, so get everyone involved. You can invite them to join your account from the Aro app.

How many phones can connect to the Home device at once? 

The Aro home device will connect to up to five and charge four phones at once.

My phone is not charging when plugged into the charging cables. 
The cables likely came loose during shipping. The white tray covering the cables pops out of the box if you pull up on it. Under that tray is where the cables plug in. Can you remove the tray and check to make sure the cables are all plugged in? Sometimes they appear to be plugged in but need to be completely removed and then plugged back in to make the connection.
Where should I put my Aro?

The Aro Home device is the visual cue to put down your phone, so it has to be beautiful enough to be displayed in your home. You will want to show it off. High-traffic places like kitchens, living rooms, and foyers are popular spots because you see it and are reminded to put down your phone.

My child does not have email on their phone and cannot receive the magic link

You can invite them to join your account by clicking the orange plus icon on the home screen and sending them an invite. That will give you a unique activation code to share with them. The next step is to download and install the Aro app on their phones. Just like you did when setting up your account, you will enter their email address, click the magic link in the email sent to them, and then enter that activation code in the Aro app. If they are unable to receive email on their phones, you can retrieve the magic link from their email on your device and text them the link. Clicking the magic link from a text message should open the app and allow you to continue the setup.

What is included with my Aro Membership?
Aro is more than a box for your phone. It’s a platform designed to make it easy and rewarding to put your phone down. Your Aro Membership (required) includes the Aro app to set goals and track progress, motivational content to help you along the way, and complete access to the amazing Aro community to learn from and share with others on their journey with you.
Does Aro have parental controls?

Aro is about relationships, not restrictions. Limits, filters, and controls are no fun for anyone. And they generally don’t work. That’s why we take a more positive approach. Parents be warned - kids often love the idea of Aro so much that they become the ones trying to take control to create more Aro family time.

Is Aro available internationally?

Aro is currently available in the US.

Is my Aro data secure?
We take your privacy and security seriously. You can view our privacy policy here.
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Frequently Asked Questions
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