Frequently Asked Questions

What does Aro mean?

Aro is a Maori word that means “to notice, turn towards, take heed, pay attention to, or consider”.  It inspired us because we want to help you notice what’s possible when you live your life uninterrupted. Because we know it can be a bit confusing, we also want to help you notice that it’s pronounced like you’re saying the letters “R-O” and not “arrow.”

Who is Aro designed for?
Aro is for anyone who has ever struggled to put their phone down. In our experience, that’s just about all of us. Whether you want to focus on fun, family, work, your latest crazy hobby, or maybe want to be a little more aware of what the world around you is like when you’re not looking at your phone, Aro makes it easy for you to put your phone down.
How does Aro work?
Life is hard enough; that’s why we’ve made using Aro super easy. It’s as simple as setting your phone in Aro and living your life, uninterrupted. Aro takes care of the rest.
Is Aro Membership required?

Yes, an Aro membership is necessary to use Aro. Why? Because a box alone, no matter how great, just doesn’t work. And neither do stand-alone apps or coaching programs. It takes a combination of everything working together for you, and that’s why we created Aro.  Think of us just like Peloton or Whoop except for phone use fitness . . . oh and we promise to never make you sweat.

What is included with my Aro Membership?
Aro is more than a box for your phone. It’s a platform designed to make it easy and rewarding to put your phone down. Your Aro Membership (required) includes the Aro app to set goals and track progress, motivational content to help you along the way, and complete access to the amazing Aro community to learn from and share with others on their journey with you.
Does Aro charge my phone?
Choosing to put your phone down to focus on what matters to you is awesome. Having to put your phone down because it’s running out of power is the worst. That’s why Aro is all about charging your phone while you recharge. Aro includes one wireless charging pad and four USB-C charging ports (cables included) so everyone can focus on life, not fighting over chargers.
Where should I put my Aro?

Wherever you want! High traffic areas like kitchen counters, mantels, and bookshelves, where you’ll see Aro and be reminded to use it, are popular. But some Aro users prefer a more out-of-the-way spot so when their phone is in Aro, it can be out of sight and out of mind. As long as it’s within reach of an electrical outlet, your Aro can live wherever is best for you. 

Do I need to have my phone in Aro all the time?

No. You use your phone for all kinds of important, fun, and interesting things, and you obviously can’t do any of that when it’s in Aro. We don’t believe that it’s bad to use your phone, but we do believe that any time you use Aro is good time. Whether you’re using it for fifteen minutes a day or fifteen hours, Aro is about supporting you and guiding you to your goals.

Is Aro for phone addicts?
While Aro is for everyone. It is not the answer to serious cell phone addiction. But the good news is, no matter how much we might struggle, most of us aren’t really ‘addicted’ to our phones. We just need a little help to put them down. That’s what Aro is for.
Does Aro work with iPhone?

Yes. Aro makes it easy to put down your iPhone.

Does Aro work with Android?

We’re working on it. Sign up for updates to be the first to know when our Aro Android App is ready.

What if there’s an emergency and my phone is in Aro?
You can simply open Aro and use your phone. Aro doesn’t disable any of your phone’s functionality. Even in Aro, your phone will still ring, vibrate, and send alert notifications. This way you can focus on what you’re doing without having to worry you’re going to miss an important call.
Does Aro have parental controls?

Aro is about relationships, not restrictions. Limits, filters, and controls are no fun for anyone. And they generally don’t work. That’s why we take a more positive approach. Parents be warned - kids often love the idea of Aro so much that they become the ones trying to take control to create more Aro family time.

Is Aro available internationally?

The Aro launch edition is currently only shipping in the US, but we’re working to bring Aro worldwide. Send us a message to let us know what country you’d like us to bring Aro to next, and we’ll keep you posted.

Is my Aro data secure?
We take your privacy and security seriously. You can view our privacy policy here.
When will I receive my Aro?
Reservations of the Aro Launch Edition will begin shipping in the fall of 2022. We are working night and day to get Aro in your hands. We promise.
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Frequently Asked Questions
If you're looking to learn more about Aro from the inspiration behind the name to app functionality, check out our FAQs.