Returning Your Aro Box

Instruction for returning your Aro box replacement

What to send back:

  1. Your Original Aro box
  2. Power cable (from Aro box to wall)
  3. Phone charging cables that were included with your original Aro box

What to keep:

  1. Any extra charging cables (on top of the 4 included with the box) you may have received from Aro

  2. Any of your own charging cables you used in the Aro box


Steps for packing:

  1. Unplug the power cable from the Aro box and place the power cable in the small cutout at the bottom of the shipping package 

  2. Place the Aro box inside the packaging with the wood lid facing up. Note - placing it in the protective cover is optional. 

  3. Place the cardboard cover over the Aro box

  4. Close the box and tape shut

  5. Apply the included return label to the outside of the shipping package

Shipping the package:

  1. Drop the package at any UPS location or other location that accepts UPS packages

  2. If you need assistance finding a UPS location or returning the package, please contact us at


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