Charging Cables Not Working

If you are experiencing issues with one or more of your charging cables, it is most likely a loose connection between the charging cable and the box. The good news is this is a quick fix. 


How to check the cable connections

  1. Remove the cable cover - The white tray covering the cables pops out of the box if you pull up on it. Under that tray is where the cables plug in
  2. Unplug and reconnect the cables - Sometimes the cables appear to be plugged in, but to check the connection they need to be completely removed and then plugged back in.
  3. Test the connection - Before replacing the cable cover, plug in your phone to test the connection and confirm it is charging.
  4. Replace the cable cover - Re-route the cables through the holes on each side of the cable cover and place the cover back into the box. It will sit fully flush to the top of the box. 

Still having charging issues?

Try a different charging cable. Either swap it with another cable included in the Aro box or use an existing charging cable from your home. This will determine if the cable is defective or if the issue is something related to the box itself.

As always, email us at with any additional questions. 

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