App Permissions Guide


Why does Aro need Bluetooth permissions?

Aro uses Bluetooth Low Energy to connect to and automatically track the time your phone is placed within the Aro Home device.  Bluetooth is core to the functionality of Aro and without it the Aro app and Aro Home device would not be able to communicate.



Why does Aro need Location permissions?

Aro uses a technology called Bluetooth Low Energy beacons to aid in the detection of your phone placed within an Aro Home device.  These technologies, such as the Apple iBeacon protocol, notify the app when your phone “enters” or “exits” a region defined as the Aro Home device.


Despite beacons being a Bluetooth-based technology, Apple and Android both require Precise/Fine Location permissions from the user since the technology is associated with device location detection.  Without this permission, Aro’s ability to detect placement in Aro Home devices would be reduced and may result in more missed sessions while the app is closed.


On Android, all scanning and detection of Bluetooth devices, such as the Aro Home device, while the app is running in the background requires Fine Location permissions.  Without this permission, users would be required to open the Aro app prior to each connection.


Does Aro track where I am?

No, Aro does not track your location.  Aro is only aware of your proximity (within a few feet) of the Aro Home device which is used to initiate the built-in time tracking functionality.  At no point does Aro request, view, or store your actual geographic location (e.g., coordinates, heading).  Further, your geo location data never leaves your personal device and is not visible to or stored by Aro in any way.



Why does Aro need Notification Permissions?

Aro sends notifications to your device to signal events (e.g., “session start” and “session end”) as well as to provide motivational nudges, reminders, and updates on your families progress.  Notification permissions are optional.

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