Selecting the Right Charging Cables

The Aro Home device ships with four pre-installed charging cables. Based on your selection at checkout, your Aro will include four Lightning charging cables for iPhones or four USB-C charging cables for Android phones. 

Charging cables in the device are interchangeable which makes it easy for families with a mix of iPhones and Android to "Go Aro" together. You can use any standard Lightning or USB-C charger, but the cables are a very specific length to help keep a tidy charging station inside of the Aro Home device. Here are some cables we recommend if you need a mix of chargers for your family.

Recommended Cables 

USB-C Option 1

USB-C Option 1

Lightning Option 1

Lightning Option 1

Swapping Out Charging Cables

The white tray covering the cables pops out of the box if you pull up on it. Under that tray is where the cables plug in.

Step 1: Lift up on the tray to remove it and access the charging ports

Step 2: Remove existing cables

Step 3: Plug in replacement cables and route them back through the holes in the tray designed to organize the cables

Step 4: Place the tray back in the device and adjust the cables until the tray is fully seated and flush with the top of the device

Step 5: Plug in your phone to test the charging connection


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