Setting Your Aro Goal

The Aro app will help you reach your goal by reminding you to put your phone down, tracking your progress, and celebrating your success. Like counting your steps in a fitness tracker, your Aro daily goal represents the amount of time you want your phone to spend in the Aro box each day.

Setting Your Goal

Your Aro goal can be customized based on how much time you want to spend away from your phone, and the Aro app will start with a few suggestions to get started and gamify the experience of being off your phone. 

Beginner: Get started with as little as 30 minutes a day to see how Aro works for you. 

Intermediate: Go for 90 minutes a day. This intermediate goal is based on the goals of other Aro members choosing to take intentional time away from their phones.

Advanced: We call this one "Screen Time Neutral". Use Aro to spend just as much time off your phone as you do on your phone.

Adjusting Your Goal

You can edit your goal at any time depending on your personal habits and goals. Aro will continue to recommend adjustments to your goal if it looks like it needs to be optimized. 

Sleep Tracking

Your daily goal is designed to measure time away from your phone during the day or waking hours. Sleep is tracked separately and indicated by a moon icon on a session. The feature automatically identifies "sleep sessions" by looking at data such as time of day and length of session. If a session was not automatically identified as "sleep", you can manually add or remove the sleep indicator on a session by clicking the moon icon to toggle it on or off. Toggling it off will then include that session and time in your daily goal. 


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