Tagging Your Phone-Free Time

Want to see how you've been using the intentional time away from your phone?

Use the Aro tagging feature. Tagging your sessions lets you see not only how much time you spent off your phone, but also how you spent that intentional time.

How do I tag?

  • You'll get a notification when you remove your phone from the smart box and your session ends. Simply tap it and select an activity from the list or enter a custom tag. You can also click on past sessions to add, remove, or edit a tag. 

How are tags used?

  • You can view the recaps of your Aro activity from previous weeks. It's a great way to look back at your phone-free time. Aro sessions that are not tagged will show as "Aro time". 

WeeklyRecap.png    AroSessionTagging.png

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